Cave Beetschen à Bursins Vincent et Floriane Beetschen

Cave Beetschen à Bursins Séverine Beetschen et Louis Christinet

Cave Beetschen à Bursins Jacqueline et Frédy Beetschen

Cave Beetschen à Bursins Manuel et Isabelle

Cave Beetschen à Bursins équipe Oenothèque Bar Lounge

Cave Beetschen à Bursins équipe service table d'hôtes


Introducing the Cave Beetschen team - a family in good company. 


Vincent and Floriane 

In the cellar: Vincent, winegrower and winemaker, develops the wines in our range. He strives to bring out the potential of the land and makes sure he adapts to the characteristics of each vintage.


At home: Floriane is responsible for the sparkling change.


Louis and Severine 


At reception: Louis is pleased to welcome you to share a moment of conviviality, whether during a visit to the wine bar, a tasting or an evening meal.

At the sale, Séverine proposes her marketing ideas to provide a young and dynamic approach while dealing with offers for custom events, the website and administration generally. 

At the stove: Séverine and Louis will delight your taste buds during your evening meals or during a themed party at the Wine Bar.  All dishes at the Wine Bar are "all homemade" and land-oriented. 

Frédy and Jacqueline 


Management: When he is not on a tractor, Fredy takes charge of a variety of administrative tasks, without forgetting his involvement in new projects.


In the kitchen: Jacqueline lovingly prepares menus for the whole family and house delicacies served at the Wine Bar.



Manuel, Isabelle and Joao


In the vineyard: Manual and Joao work throughout the year for the vineyard, giving their best at harvest time.


Inside: Isabelle gives all her energy to make sure that reception areas are sparkling clean every day.






Serving the Wine Bar: Nathalie welcomes you to the Wine Bar for an aperitif or a tapas evening with friends. She also will advise you on the wines available and helps you purchase wines to take away. 




Maryline and Betty 


Evening service at the "table d'hôtes", Maryline and Betty take care of you to make you feel at home.  





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