Cave Beetschen Bursins domaine viticole familial de 12 hectares


Cave Beetschen domaine viticole familial


The profession of winemaker 


A family estate

From the vine to the glass from A to Z.

A winemaker family established in Bursins for three generations, we cultivate an area that has some twelve hectares of vines. Particularly sensitive to the concept of sustainable development, we focus our efforts in this direction, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. We have always dreamed of doing all the work ourselves, from the production of grapes to the bottling, in order to make wine "soil by soil" and take care of the details associated with each step. In recent years, that dream has taken shape. We have expanded our premises and invested in equipment at the cutting edge of technology.


The work of the winemaker

A life in rhythm with the seasons

The winemaker prunes his vineyards throughout the winter until March.

In mid-April, the buds give birth to many branches, but those which are less well-placed must be removed one by one to avoid crowding the foliage. This is known as pruning. Then comes trellising, which involves tying the branches vertically straight. In July, a few weeks after the flower's blossoming, young grapes have the appearance of small peas. This period of time is known as "plucking", as the winemaker removes some of the leaves around the grapes. It also removes excess bunches to prioritise quality.

In mid-August, the grapes begin to soften and take colour. The vine will stop developing its foliage to concentrate on ripening the grapes. Meanwhile, soft green stems gradually become hard brown branches which will be cut the following winter.

During maturation, sugar levels increase as acidity levels decrease. In our climate, it is normally in late September that the harvest begins. The winemaking year ends amongst the beauty of autumn foliage. With the new wine barrel in front of him, the winemaker takes stock of his completed work. Soon, the cycle will begin again.  Next page