Cave Beetschen domaine viticole à Bursins du raisin à la bouteille vinification par l'oenologue

Cave Beetschen à Bursins domaine viticole du raisin à la bouteille de vin vente directe

Cave Beetschen domaine viticole du raisin au vin en bouteille


From the grape to the bottle 


The wine of the craftsman

Quality never arises from nothingness: a good wine is always born of a good grape. And this good grape is itself the child of a good soil, a favourable vintage and careful techniques. This cascade of qualities may be judged in the glass of the taster, and hence our motto: "in vino veritas". Our new cellar has modern equipment which allows greater control of the key phases of winemaking. For example, we can manage the temperatures to the exact degree throughout fermentation. Using a heat pump, the energy released by the fermentation vats is collected for the benefit of heating the house. This pilot installation, which has worked wonderfully since 2000, is an interesting solution from an environmental point of view. We also love to marry modernity with tradition under one roof. Ageing in oak barrels is an example of this. We regularly use this practice for wines that have something to gain from the aromatic contribution of the oak, and reveal themselves through slow oxygenation due to the barrel. However, wines whose appeal lies in their fruity and aromatic freshness are not fermented in barrels.



Wines for all tastes

 Like every member of our family, each wine in our range has its own character, but does not hide the imprint of its origin (terroir, vintage). Thanks to diversified grape varieties, we are now able to offer growths located in very distinct registers of taste. Each one wears a label which is distinguished by a character from legend and a dense colour. This graphic unity gives the whole range a noble atmosphere.




The "Cachoteries" Range 

Each year, on the sidelines of the main range in our regular style, our winemaker Vincent likes to conduct vinifications aiming to emphasise a variety or parcel that the climate of the year, or another cause, renders suitable for the development of an original wine. When it comes to putting these experiments in bottles, a close friend suggested making a separate label for these "cachoteries" or hidden gems. At that time, the name of these cuvées was found, because it is true that Vincent likes to make a mystery of his trials. That said, if the wine is good, he readily yields to confidences...