Idée recette de la Cave Beetschen dessert aux fruits gastronomique parfait glacé au chocolat blanc soleil de fraises et confit de rhubarbe

Iced White Chocolate Parfait, Strawberry Coulis and Rhubarb Confit

By Frédéric Chamaret, gastrodomicile


Ingredients for 4 people


Iced White Chocolate Parfait

260g white chocolate

1 whole egg

180g 35%liquid cream

Pinch of salt


Rhubarb confit

350g rhubarb

100g sugar

100ml water


Strawberry Coulis

500g strawberries

1/2 lemon

1-2 tbsp icing sugar





Melt white chocolate in a bain marie. Whip the cream. Add the eggs and a pinch of salt to the white chocolate, and whisk vigorously. Fold in the whipped cream with a rubber spatula. Pour into small individual circles. Place in the freezer for 2 hours.

Wash and hull 200g strawberries, mix with half a lemon and 2 tbsp icing sugar to make a coulis. (You can strain the coulis to remove the strawberry pips).

Wash the remaining strawberries and cut them in half and set aside to cool.

Peel the rhubarb and cut into 2cm pieces, add a little water and sugar to stew over low heat until a smooth puree.



On a plate, spread some strawberry coulis. In the middle of the plate, place a tablespoon of rhubarb compote, take the parfait out of its mould and place on top. Decorate with the halves of strawberries around the iced parfait. Garnish with a mint leaf.


Bon Appétit!