Roi Soleil BIO

Pinot Noir
Red wine
Grand Cru

Magnificent 2015 vintage. 


Organic wine
Fruity and rich
Keeps for 3 to 20 years
Gastronomic wine

CHF 16.00

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Wine of kings or king of wines?

Already in the reign of dukes and kings,

The wines from all regions, in competition

Wanted to receive the highest distinctions.

"Vinum regum", "rex vinorum" should be

Synonyms of the coat of arms and its motto;

But as for pleasure, not least that of wine

Were it a jewel, is elected only by divine right.

When a thousand flavours through the glass collected

The delight of the discerning wine-lover,

Wearing a gold mask would be pointless.

With this in mind, the "Roi Soleil" of Bursins,

The Pinot Noir and the sun it gave birth to,

"In vino veritas" you might say.