Le Redoux Cachoteries

Red wine, Dessert wine
Grand Cru

Exclusive, unique production of 800 bottles of this 2009 vintage.

CHF 30.00

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The surprise

The challenge is starting to develop a wine capable of truly complementing chocolate!

A sweet, concentrated red wine obtained by the passerillage (drying) of Gamay grapes hanging from the ceiling of the cellar for two months in a dehumidified, well-ventilated location. They are pressed when their natural sugar levels reaches the desired limit. The wine is then carried in barrels. The result is a very soft and smooth sweet wine, but with a good sugar - acidity ratio which is necessary for balance. On the nose, you will detect strawberry jam, a riot of red fruits and sweetness, a touch of tannins and a tangy note of candy. This decidedly original wine is enhanced even further by either fruit flavoured or spiced chocolate or with blue cheese.