"Wine & Dine" Vineyard Competition

 A competition in the vineyard that will test the talents of each person in various areas of gastronomy. Activities are divided between the estate and the vineyards. The various activities will be adapted according to the season, the number of participants and the weather. But here are the suggested main activities:  

            The smell of the wine - aromas of recognition.  

            Recognition of flavours. 

            Blind tasting:  vintages. 

            Blind tasting: grape varieties 

            The aromas of chocolate. 

            Cooking competition with the head chef. 

At the end of the competition an aperitif accompanied by your culinary creations is served. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team. 


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CHF 190.00 per person all inclusive.

Reservations from 20 to 80 people.


This event will last approximately half a day.

Languages ​​spoken: English and French.


Included in the price of your custom event:

Organisation of the competition

Organisation of the various stages of the competition