Cave Beetschen team building activity rally five senses competition
  • Cave Beetschen team building activity rally five senses competition
  • Cave Beetschen activité de groupe teambuilding rallye du vignoble les cinq sens - ici l'odorat avec le nez du vin
  • Cave Beetschen animation de groupe teambuilding rallye du vignoble défi des cinq sens - ici le goût avec une dégustation de chocolats
  • Cave Beetschen rallye incentive teambuilding animation autour de la vigne et du vin rallye des cinq sens - ici le goût avec la dégustation de vin à l'aveugle cépages et millésimes
  • Cave Beetschen activité teambuilding en groupe organisation d'un rallye au coeur du vignoble - carnet de route et animations

Vineyard Rally competition "The five senses"

A competition in the vineyard that will challenge the participants' five senses. Activities are divided between the estate and the vineyards. The various activities will be adapted according to the season, the number of participants and the weather. But here are the suggested main activities: 

            Smell: The nose of the wine - aromas of recognition and flavours. 

            The taste Blind tasting of vintages, varietals and aromas of chocolate. 

            touch: Participants will have to try to distinguish between natural and non-natural elements through blind testing. Step on the pedal and feel empowered: take this sports challenge on an electric bike. 

            Hearing the sounds of the vineyard. 

            The view: estimate the number of corks in a large vase. Sight and skill is tested through a maze. 

At the end of the competition an aperitif accompanied by a mixed-meat cheese board as a snack. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team. 

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CHF 225.00 per person.

Reservations from 30 to 100 people.

April to September.

This event will last approximately half a day.

Languages ​​spoken: French, German, English.


Included in the price of your custom event:

Organisation of the competition

Organisation of the various stages of the competition

Aperitif and snack with local produce