Saint-Nicolas BIO

Chardonnay, Pinot Gris
White wine, Dessert wine
Grand Cru

Production limited to 1,000 bottles of this vintage. 

Beautifully balanced sweet wine.  



Organic wine
Complex and rich
Dessert Wine
Aromas of honey, candied fruit
CHF 16.20
Au lieu de CHF 20.00

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Liquid Gold

"Saint-Nicolas, the passerillé chardonnay in full regalia." The generosity of the Bishop of Myra is revealed in this wine which, originally, was collected on 6th December, St. Nicolas's Day. The "passerillage" is in itself a work of blessing: the clusters are arranged one by one on the perforated shelves, and stay in a well-ventilated area for several weeks. After this natural drying, the grapes are highly concentrated. Then, a slow fermentation takes place, followed by maturing in barrels in a cool cellar for one year. When the time comes for tasting, it looks like liquid gold. On the nose, it is a fulfilling treat which you other wise children (of Bacchus!) well deserve: sweet spices, flowers, exotic fruits, honey... in the mouth, its velvety structure caresses the palate, flatters the taste buds and leaves behind a delicious melted caramel sensation. Complementing most desserts divinely, it also combines very well with a foie gras terrine with figs and blue cheese. We recommend serving it chilled (6 ° C) to make it more airy and light.